The Power of the Human Mind is Limitless

The human mind can easily be compared to an exceptionally complex piece of hardware. From the moment an infant is born, the child wields the power to interact with their environment and form thoughts and emotions based on their experiences. This process is ultimately interactive, and with a powerhouse brain at the wheel, human beings have endless possibilities for how they can interpret their lives. Yet, many individuals feel powerless and live their lives on autopilot, emotionally disconnected from themselves, those around them and their world. With the brain running the show on maximum autopilot, many of these individuals become actors on the stage of life, their behaviors and reactions premeditated.

With such an extraordinary mind at every individual’s disposal, humans still become depressed, apathetic, mentally unhealthy and disconnected from their lives. This process is reversible for any individual that is open to relearning who they were before going on autopilot and how to take back control of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. For the happy and well-adjusted individual, there are no limitations to breaking free from the confines of the mind or to exploring its limitless power.

While every human being has the tools needed to begin this journey, some individuals need help learning how to use them. Workshops and classes offered by an individual or organization that specializes in disabilities, mental health, education, and support services can be helpful.

Shontae Cone holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked in the mental health and disability field for 11 years. She is a habilitative interventionist and the founder of FightDis Mental Health, in Boise. To make an appointment, call 208-789-7897. For more information, email or visit

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