‘Scar Clearing’ Available in Boise

Laura Rader, owner of Healing the Sole, has trained at the Kinesiology Institute to “clear” scars and reopen any meridians affected by a scar.

The Chinese have been using acupuncture meridians for thousands of years, and each is named after the organ to which it feeds energy, or chi. Applied Kinesiology teaches that each of the acupuncture meridians is associated with different muscles in the body, and that these meridians can be disrupted by scars, slowing the energy and information moving to the associated organs and muscle groups.

Rader explains further, “Sometimes people will have mysterious pain or other symptoms in a muscle or even in an organ, and we find that they have a scar running across, or fairly close to, the meridian that feeds the problem area. My training includes gentle, energetic ways to clear stuck energy around and in scars. After the energy is cleared, we can assess the meridian flow by testing the muscle associated with the specific meridian while touching the scar. If it also needs clearing, it is a bit like swooshing out the leaves from the rain gutter. Clients often feel a little tingly, and they report aches and pains diminishing.”

Rader was certified as a footzonologist through the Nordblom Institute in 2008, and the Kinesiology Institute certified her as a holistic kinesiologist in 2015.

Location: 5213 W. Franklin Rd., Boise. For more information, call 208-267-1229 or visit HealingTheSole.com.

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