Reset and Capture Bliss at September Mesa Verde Retreat

Mesa Verde

Tanya Kutterer, owner of Blue Heron Holistic Health, is hosting Return to Nature and Your Divinity Retreat from September 11 through 16 at the Sophia Retreat and Event Center, in Dolores, Colorado. Attendees will be invited to “journey to heart” as they learn conscious communication and conscious eating while enjoying daily gentle yoga and all plant-based meals.

Over five days, mornings will begin with Shakti Naam yoga, a form great for yoga beginners and yogis alike. Every afternoon attendees will digest what they have learned from morning classes while hiking through the beautiful terrain of Mesa Verde and the Canyons of the Ancients. At night, the group will join in community.

Kutterer, ABT, is a Chinese Medical Practitioner and Health and Affluence Coach. At this retreat, she teaches Conscious Communication, 5 Element Archetypes and Conscious Eating with Chinese Medicine Food Energetics. She adds, “When we return to nature in all its forms, through healing foods, movement and with our words, we return to our divinity.”

Complete details and pricing are located at For more information, call Kutterer at 208-371-4410 or email See ad, page xx.

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