Phillip J. Redd, DO

Getting to the Root Cause of Disease with Functional Medicine

steopathic physician Dr. Phillip J. Redd, DO, established his business in 2015 with an overwhelming desire to help others find their path back to good health. “I believe that if you can identify and successfully remove the root cause of illness and disease, the body can heal itself. I desire to help those that truly place their health as their number one priority, because these individuals have the best success with reversing disease and restoring their health,” he says. Through utilizing an individual, yet science-based approach, Redd has had much success in coaching people back to health.

After graduating from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, Redd trained in family medicine at the Saint Louis University Family Medicine Residency Program, in Belleville, Illinois. “I was a recipient of the Health Professions Scholarship for the USAF and served as a physician on active duty for seven years as an Air Force officer. I’ve practiced as a mainstream, board certified family physician for 10 years; however, my focus has since shifted into the realm of functional medicine,” he explains. “As I’ve gained additional training in cellular healing, parasitic disease, and mastering functional blood chemistry and thyroid metabolism, I have come to firmly believe that a disease state doesn’t have to be permanent.”

Redd acknowledges that health has always been his main interest, and through his education and experience he began to observe how conventional medicine failed, in many respects, to help attain and maintain health. “I realized the conventional medicine model offers mainly solutions that mask the real problems that plague us. Furthermore, I am a problem solver and have found it useful to think outside the proverbial ‘box’ to find real health solutions. I was given the opportunity to work with a brilliant functional medicine doctor in Meridian and learned a system of physical and functional investigation that helps me get to the root cause of illness and disease. I believe I was lead to this opportunity by God, to become a more effective healer.”

As a doctor of osteopathy, Redd incorporates a whole body, holistic and natural approach to wellness and detoxification, addressing a wide variety of conditions including thyroid dysfunction and diabetes. “I employ methods and supplements that promote the healing of cells and promote the natural generation of new stem cells, which can then differentiate into what the body needs them for,” he says. But what really sets his business apart is that he employs cutting-edge science in the diagnosis and reversal of the early stages of cognitive decline, otherwise known as Alzheimer’s. “This is proprietary knowledge, based on the work of many functional medicine doctors that have researched and developed the tools to make such an accomplishment possible. There is finally hope for the most devastating of all diseases, one which has no cure, nor any effective medication to stop its progression.”

Redd affirms that his ideal client is the individual that makes health their number one priority. “They recognize that without their health, they cannot be depended upon, they cannot be productive and they cannot enjoy life to the fullest. They are willing to move forward and commit fully to my program, no matter what. Those that are committed do get better,” explains this enthusiastic practitioner, who believes that symptoms mean something—even if a patient is previously told there is nothing wrong. “I think everyone seeking help for their illnesses and injuries deserves to be respected and listened to. I am compassionate, but frank and forthright. I will listen. I will get to the root cause of their issue and teach them how to reverse it. People deserve to learn, especially if they are willing, and that is my main objective—to inform, to teach and to coach. Knowledge is power—power to change. With the right knowledge and treatments, the body can heal itself.”


Location: 26 S. Baltic Ave., Ste. 100, Meridian (inside Total Body Wellness Clinic). For more information, call 208-884-7564 or visit November 2018

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