Parasites as the Root Cause of Symptoms

by David DeHaas

Close up egg with an adult of parasite findind with a microscope in parasitology.

Fatigue, gas, bloating, joint pain, brain fog and even cancer and more may be linked to animals we don’t want as pets, yet may have been living with for years.

Experts believe most of the population is infected with parasites in some manner, some with more severe infections than others.

This problem is not limited to people that travel to foreign countries.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan, M.D., author of the bestselling book Gutbliss, millions of people suffer from parasites. Parasites can linger undetected in the intestinal tract for years.

One study of people with chronic fatigue syndrome found that over 46 percent of them were infected with parasites.

Becoming infected isn’t difficult. Many everyday experiences can bring us into contact with parasites: eating sushi or pork, walking barefoot, playing with a pet, eating raw or unwashed food, having unprotected sex, drinking unfiltered water, kissing and even touching something that was previously touched by an infected person.

There are parasites we can see, like tapeworms, larvae, hookworms, rope worms and liver flukes that bury themselves in the intestines and liver. There are also hundreds of other parasites we don’t see that live in our skin, blood and organs.

Parasites are beings and as such create waste products and give off energy, an energy that may not be serving our higher purpose. One theory holds that the intense energy of the full moon affects parasites as much as it affects humans, compounding the problems seen by emergency room medics, police and firefighters as increasingly active parasites produce larger numbers of eggs and increased waste products.

Things we can do to help eliminate parasites.

  • Deworm pets regularly.
  • Regularly wash hands, clothes, bedding and fresh vegetables.
  • Freeze meats, including fish.
  • When drying hands in the bathroom, don’t use a previously used towel.
  • Eat two cloves of garlic a day. It’s a natural antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-parasitic.
  • Take an herbal formula with wormwood, cloves, and black walnut green hull.
  • Take a digestive enzyme to increase stomach acids.
  • Eat a mixture of papaya seeds with honey. Pumpkin seeds are good too.
  • Drink a tablespoon of bentonite clay twice per day.
  • Use a wearable parasite zapper that emits a frequency that bugs don’t like.
  • Use a pulse frequency machine, like the Ondamed, that has been programmed with hundreds of parasite-specific frequencies.

Do several colonic sessions. The warm water will help evacuate unwanted pests.

David DeHaas is a colon hydrotherapist and naturopathic health coach at Living Waters Wellness Center, 855 S. Curtis Rd., Boise. For more information, visit

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