Local Naturopath Facilitates Heart Health

Dr. Nicole Maxwell, NMD, of Boise Natural Health Clinic, is offering the latest in cardiovascular health testing in order to provide patients an accurate assessment of cardiovascular health and risk factors.

Nicole Maxwell, NMD

Maxwell explains, “While routine lipid screening plays an important role in cardiovascular risk determination, it does not provide a complete picture of cardiovascular health. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all heart attacks and strokes occur in patients with ‘normal’ cholesterol levels.

Maxwell works with her patients to identify any potential cardio-metabolic disorders and to uncover hidden risks leading to cardiovascular disease. For example, latest studies have shown that a byproduct of gut bacteria metabolism has been associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk. Maxwell then creates a targeted individualized treatment plan designed to improve cardiovascular health. Patients can take action through diet, lifestyle and specific nutrients to reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Maxwell has been practicing naturopathic medicine for 17 years and has helped numerous people reverse hyperlipidemia, manage hypertension naturally and recover their health and vitality.

Location: 4219 W. Emerald, Boise. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 208-338-0405 or visit BoiseNaturalHealth.com.

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