Kinetic Shift Hypnosis Available in Boise

Jenali Winn, Kinetic Shift hypnotist, and owner of Your Beautiful Life Hypnosis, has expanded her hypnosis practice into the Boise area. 

Kinetic Shift hypnosis is an active, fast-paced hypnosis that helps clients create happier, healthier and more successful lives by removing the stress, negative emotions, and blocks that people hold onto subconsciously, while also increasing confidence and happiness.

Winn explains, “The technique keeps the subconscious mind active, alert and in-tune in every step to allow the changes to be made. Clients can expect changes within minutes instead of hours.”

         Winn was born, raised and resides in Idaho. She found her calling as a hypnotist five years ago when she attended the Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Center to become a past-life regressionist. Since then, she has continued her education every year, leading her to become a spiritual and energetic hypnotist, a Kinetic Shift hypnotist and a naturopathic practitioner.

Location: 4708 Fairview Ave., #203, Boise. For more information, call Jenali Winn at 208-312-7389, email or visit

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