IV Nutritional Therapy Available for Boise Area

Peak Elements, known as “Idaho’s first location for IV nutritional therapy,” is offering clients in the greater Boise area holistic results to many common ailments.

Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy is hydration straight into the body’s systems with vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals. The nutrient base can be customized depending on the client’s needs, and it can be effective for those feeling under the weather, those having overdone themselves over the weekend or those preparing for an athletic endeavor. Their services are also available for those that want to maintain health and proper hydration.

Dr. Jade Dandy, naturopathic medical doctor and owner of Peak Elements, is a leading specialist in IV nutritional therapy. She says, “My team and I bring Peak Elements to the Boise area to serve those in need of optimizing their health with safe and effective treatments. When patients are using IV nutritional therapy, we see their health improve at an accelerated pace.”


Location: 2352 S. Titanium Pl., Meridian. For more information, call 502-389-6363, email DrJadeDandy@gmail.com or visit Peak-Elements.com. June 2019