Hypnosis and Healing in Sun Valley

Susan Elliott Andrews

Certified Hypnotherapist Susan Elliott Andrews offers clinical hypnosis and regression therapy in her office at 208 Spruce Avenue, Suite 302, in Ketchum, with introductory consultations at no charge.

Andrews uses a hypnotic, trance-like state, similar to that of meditation, to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious, where habits, patterns and behaviors are rooted, and also where they can be effectively changed.

Through clinical hypnosis, she can facilitate positive emotional, behavioral and physiological change with positive suggestions. Sometimes, however, behaviors are the result of past experience or trauma and require resolution before positive change can be achieved. Through regression therapy, Andrews can facilitate transformation and resolution of the experience, ultimately freeing her client from the traumas of the past so that they are able to live fully in the present.

In addition, Andrews is a certified Healing Touch practitioner. Her background in Healing Touch has allowed her to create a synergistic combination of energy work and hypnosis to facilitate healing for her clients that is in their highest good.

“We have everything we need within to heal, and we have access to our own inner wisdom,” says Andrews. “Through hypnotherapy in a safe, nurturing space, I empower people to discover this.”

For more information, call 208-720-2529, email SunValleySusan@cox.net or visit BloomHealingArts.net.

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