Help for Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Dr. Zane Sterling, owner of Dynamic Fat Loss, is offering a successful workshop titled Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Right Now.

The interactive workshop explains the cause of Type 2 diabetes and presents medical research supporting the reversibility of the condition in a large majority of cases. Sterling explains, “Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in our country. Fifty percent of our population will be either pre-diabetic or diabetic by the end of 2019.”

Sterling has 34 years of clinical experience working with people to improve their lives. He has opened more than 100 healthcare clinics in 32 states and has trained in excess of 400 doctors in his protocols. He reports that hundreds of clients have reversed the effects of Type 2 diabetes with his recommendations.

The workshops are free, but have limited seating, so registration is required. February and March workshops reached capacity early, so readers are encouraged to call or email for the next workshop date and location in their area.


For more information, call 208-947-9925 or email April 2019