Healthy Home Sanctuaries Through Test My Home Services

Test My Home, a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), is providing comprehensive indoor environmental testing services throughout Idaho.

Test My Home takes scientific measurements with the latest in advanced technology to detect toxic exposures in the home. It offers a full range of testing services, including tests for electromagnetic fields/radiation (EMF/EMR), indoor air quality, water quality, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and toxic gas, moisture and mold, noise pollution and vibration, and toxic chemicals.

Test My Home investigates all toxic health risks in the built environment and offers guidance, education and mitigation strategies to make it healthy again. Clients gain peace of mind that their living environment is not causing or exacerbating illness.

Test My Home is certified by the Institute of Building Biology & Ecology, which works with families to create indoor living environments that are supportive of great health.

For more information, call Ryan Blaser at 208-656-7777, email or visit January 2020 

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