Healing Through the Balance of Masculine and Feminine

DeGeorgio BodyWorks offers a truly unique experience and treatment through a mixed modality Four Hands bodywork session.

Jeffrey and Magdalena DeGeorgio are married partners providing an opportunity to balance and transform clients’ feminine and masculine forces through their unique dance with the body.

Their Four Hands approach melts in union all kinds of inner opposites: pleasure and pain, softness and hardness, yielding and strength, stillness and motion, art and science. This provides a transformative merging of yin and yang in various combinations and degrees.

Magdalena is a craniosacral therapist and works gently to release held trauma in the nervous system. Jeffrey uses structural integration to help unwind restrictive habits and patterns held in the body’s fascial matrix and postural alignment.

She assists you exactly as you are. He challenges you with the possibility of growth and change. Together, all aspects of the body, mind and soul are addressed and cared for.

“The word we hear most often after a Four Hands session is ‘magical’,” says Jeffrey.

Four Hands bodywork sessions are available this holiday season at a special price of $140 per session. Gift certificates are also available at this discounted rate to share the experience with loved ones.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Jeffrey at 208-918-0637, email DeGeorgioBodyWorks@gmail.com or visit DeGeorgioBodyWorks.com.

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