Fitness Trainer Offers In-Home Services

Riley Romazko

Riley Romazko, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, is offering Fitness to You, her new, in-home personal training service that brings the workout and nutrition help directly to clients’ homes.

Romazko not only helps clients lose weight and gain muscle, she also helps their posture, detoxification, inflammation, chronic pain, muscle imbalances and other areas of general wellness in order to improve their overall health.

Born into a family predisposed to multiple diseases, and suffering from various chronic conditions herself in her teen years, Romazko resolved to make a change and immersed herself in naturopathic information and holistic healing. “I understand the bigger picture of holistic healing, and I’m very passionate about helping others live a healthier, happier life,” she explains.

Free consultations and fitness assessments are provided. Initial consultations include a fitness assessment focusing on body composition, balance, endurance, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and posture. An eight-page generalized nutrition plan is complimentary to every package.

For more information, call 719-966-2160, email or visit


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