Colon Hydrotherapy: The Simple Health Hack to Clearing Symptoms of ‘Dis-ease’

by David DeHaas

Our ancestors didn’t have a multitude of tests that they could run if they were ill. Prior to the advances of modern medicine, there would have been no blood draws, CT scans or MRIs to determine what was wrong. The patient knew they didn’t feel well so they did something very simple: they hit the reset button on the body. The master reset button is cleansing the colon, also known as the “second brain”, using the ancient process of colon hydrotherapy.

The second brain has more neurons than the spinal column. Neurons are like cell phones—they send a signal to the nerve. Each organ and body part has a nerve that connects it to the colon and small intestine. A cell phone covered with debris can’t receive a signal and produce clear communications. The average human is packing 12 to 15 pounds of old fecal matter, some of which could have been in the bowels for decades. This old, rotting food can be a major disrupter of all of the body’s functions.

A trained colon hydrotherapist relates body symptoms to affected areas of the colon. For example, a sore shoulder would direct focus to the area of the colon that connects to the shoulder. A left neck pain would suggest a problem in the left side of the colon, near the top of the ascending colon. Headaches, depression or anxiety could be symptoms of problems in the transverse colon. Gall bladder issues suggest a major impaction on the lower right side of the body, where the small intestine dumps mostly liquid chyme into the colon and where parasites love to hang out.

Additional symptoms and how a colon hydrotherapist might correlate them to the colon are:

Gas and Bloating: The microbiome balance may have been destroyed by rotting fecal matter. Bad bacteria could then flourish and create toxic gases.

Blood: Dirty bowels may compromise the blood. The kidneys and every organ in the body could then be compromised as all of this garbage leaks out into the rest of the system.

Liver: If the blood is dirty, the liver is failing to clean it. With a toxic liver, the lymphatic system recirculates old toxins. Lymph nodes could then become plugged and cancerous.

Breathing: The lungs and pleura cavity may be compromised by circulating debris. Breathing would become difficult, possibly resulting in a diagnosis of asthma or emphysema.

Overweight: Fat cells may increase proportionally to store the body’s toxic load. The adrenals and hormones would begin to suffer, and skin rashes or psoriasis may appear.

Joints: With toxins floating in the body, the joints may start to ache, with normal movement becoming a problem. A toxic body may result in having foul breath and body order.

Cancer: Cancer cells may start to form as rotting material mutates cells.

Memory: Brain fog and memory may become compromised when neurons, buried by old rotting fecal mass, are no longer firing effectively.

Leaky Gut: Holes may begin to form in the gut as highly acidic rotting mass starts tearing small holes in the gut. This “leaky gut” would lead to allergies. The immune system attacks the body because foreign invaders are in the blood. Possible diagnoses might be colitis, or perhaps Crohn’s, Hashimoto or Graves disease.

Our ancestors didn’t know the medical terms we now use, and they did not treat symptoms. They reset their systems by detoxing their bodies through colon hydrotherapy. Their wisdom is something that can benefit us today.

David DeHaas is a colon hydrotherapist and naturopathic health coach at Living Waters Wellness Center, in Boise. For more information, call 208-378-9911 or visit February 2019