Chiropractic Profile – Jason Watson, DC

Functional Medicine
Pain & Inflammatory Conditions

Dr. Watson is a board-certified chiropractic physician with additional training in functional medicine. His primary focus is to decrease pain and inflammation and increase function in the body utilizing cutting-edge therapies and testing. This includes therapies to shut down inflammation, such as whole-body cryotherapy, oxygen therapy and PEMF therapy, as well as addressing underlying foundational causes of pain and inflammation, including structural imbalances, chemical imbalances from food and heavy metals, toxicities and deficiencies, and by utilizing science-based nutrition protocols of blood and hair analysis, food allergy, omega-3 testing, hormone testing, etc. Fat and cellulite reduction with skin improvement are other service offerings.

Look and feel your best with better sleep, no pain and improved function throughout your body today.




Boise 208-344-5433/Eagle 208-202-2896





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