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When Allergies Put the Bite on Pets by Sandra Murphy Springtime doesn’t


How to Use Them Safely by Sandra Murphy Essential oils are derived from plant-based sources, leading people to equate natural with safe; but that’s not always

Controversy Dogs Grain-Free Diet Just like their people, dogs are prone to allergies, and pinpointing a cause and cure can be complicated. The maddening itching

Tips to Keep Them Merry and Safe Holidays promise joy and celebration, but the festivities can also lead to stress and anxiety for people and

Earth’s Memorial to a Pet’s Passing by Sandra Murphy The American Pet Products Association estimates Americans collectively spent $69.5 million on our 235 million mammal, avian

Simple Home Solutions that Help An estimated 10 percent of Americans are allergic to household pets, with sensitivities to cats twice as common as to

Natural Therapies Transform Lives by Sandra Murphy Pets, like humans, can face physical and mental challenges. Today’s fresh approaches help pets replace disabilities with abilities and

GMO Toxins Permeate Pet Foods by Jeffrey Smith In the late 1990s, the nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, “Animal Doctor” Michael Fox received many letters about dogs

Happy Places to Live and Travel Together by Sandra Murphy As of last year, 90 million dogs lived in American homes. Including cats, birds, fish, small

They Bring Health and Happiness Home Companionship Loneliness is never a problem with a cat around. “Cats need to be fed, have litter changed and be

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