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Earth’s Extremities on the Edge The North Pole and South Pole


Promising Progress Against Disease A cold-loving fungus known as white-nose syndrome (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) originating in Eurasia, where bats evolved to develop immunity to it, began

Wild Horses Ride Out the Storm North Carolina’s free-roaming wild horse herds on the Outer Banks have “ridden out” their share of storms. When Hurricane

Shad Return After 173-Year Absence Following the removal two years ago of an obsolete dam in Manville, New Jersey, American shad are successfully spawning in

Translating Thoughts into Speech Scientists are trying to translate speech-paralyzed patients’ thoughts into speech using brain implants. The technique will potentially provide a brain/computer interface

Sharp Decline Threatens Ecosystem Insects around the world are in a crisis, and a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of

The Self-Regenerating Building Material Cork is both recyclable and renewable because it regenerates its bark after harvesting, which causes no harm to trees. Durable

The Problem With Bottled Water Is the Bottle One million plastic bottles are sold around the world each minute. Most are used for bottled water,

Baltimore Rolls Out Sensor-Equipped Bins Baltimore is spending $15 million to deploy 4,000 sensor-equipped trash receptacles that signal when they need emptying to increase collection

High-Tech Instant Homes on Horizon A 3-D printed home can be built in less than 24 hours at a cost of $10,000Developers hope to

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