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Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes by Melinda Hemmelgarn One


Breaking Bread, Building Community by April Thompson Americans are eating alone more than ever, with adults going solo for nearly half of all meals, according to

Five Strategies for Better Health by Melinda Hemmelgarn Springtime brings a desire to clean up our diets and refresh our plates. Here are five worthy strategies

Making Meals From Mainly Scraps by April Thompson Food scraps are no longer relegated to just making soup, stock and sauces that hide their true nature.

Low progesterone affects many women. Whether it shows up as spotting between cycles, fatigue, irritability, low libido or even missed ovulation and infertility, low

*Red yeast rice extract: This over-the-counter (OTC) extract, commonly used in Chinese medicine, has been shown to significantly lower both total cholesterol and LDL,

Tasty Ways to Boost Heart Health by Avery Mack As a special meal for Valentine’s Day or any other, many plant-based dishes are so tasty that

Embrace the Psychology of Eating Anyone that has struggled to lose weight, eat right or deal with an eating disorder is familiar with the emotional

Collective Consciousness Nears Spiritual Tipping Point Call it enlightenment, awakening, transcendence, self-realization or any of the myriad terms used to describe the ultimate higher state

Family-Pleasing Holiday Meals The festive season might signal indulgence, but it also calls for simple, healthy recipes with easy cleanup. We might have friends that

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