Boise Practitioner Heals Trauma with Brain Training

Katie Packwood, NTP, practitioner at Integrative Medicine of Idaho, uses neurofeedback to help injured brains heal from trauma. “Neurofeedback, or brain training, is a groundbreaking approach that utilizes advanced computer technology along with my professional expertise to guide the brain into a more balanced and healthier pattern,” she says.

Packwood shares that neurofeedback is essentially guided, intensive brain exercise that can help change past trauma patterns by giving the brain direct feedback about its function so that it can learn how to better regulate itself.

According to Packwood, neurofeedback is an effective way to rehabilitate the brain after a physical trauma, such as a head injury from sports or a car accident. “Emotional trauma from extremely stressful events like divorce, bankruptcy, serious illness or war can have similar effects on the brain to a physical head trauma,” she explains. “Both physical and emotional trauma can create problems with timing and regulation, resulting in problems with cognitive efficiency and emotional stability. Things like attention deficits, memory problems, reactive anger, hypervigilance, anxiety, depression and sleep problems can occur.”


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