Beauty Is Not Skin Deep

Hair Chemicals, Beauty Products, and Health
by Nicolle Foster

Humans are incredibly complex beings, and our wellness is multi-layered. Everything we do, think, feel, ingest and absorb affects our wellness. 

The skin is the largest organ. It is also porous. Anything we put on our bodies—hair and skin—goes right into the bloodstream, organs, and cells. Sadly, there is almost zero federal regulation of the cosmetics industry in the United States.

beauty products should not be carcinogenic or contain hormone disruptors

Chemicals in beauty and hair products wreak havoc on the body, messing with the thyroid, immune system and endocrine system, which can affect hormonal balance and fertility. Some products contain ingredients with clear links to cancer. Recently, Newsweek published a study linking breast cancer to chemical hair dyes. 

Beauty should not be toxic or carcinogenic. There are quality, safe options that are sustainable, cruelty-free (to animals and humans), good for the planet and good for women. 

Nicolle Foster is the owner and founder of Sacred Mariposa Organic Spa and Healing, in Boise.

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