Amazing Changes

by Erin Lehn Floresca

Amazing Changes is a collaborative collection of independent business owners that are dedicated to serving Treasure Valley residents and the business community in the areas of personal growth, business growth and spiritual transformation. All Amazing Changes partners are experienced coaches with special focuses in the areas of teens and family, business and leadership, life coaching, spirituality, meditation, women’s empowerment, laughter wellness, life management, music therapy, special needs, transformation and much more.

Frank White

Frank White, Ph.D.

10 Powerful Questions about Coaching

Mindset and attitude play a big role in success when working with a coach or consultant, and they are critical at times for personal and business growth. Even armed with that knowledge, those interested in self-improvement can still find themselves lamenting, “I’m really stuck,” “I’ve hit a real roadblock” or “I just can’t get past this.”

Locally based international motivational speaker and coach Frank White, Ph.D., offers insight.

“Before even seeking a life or business coach,” he advises, “those considering these services should do some personal homework and answer some really important and personal questions for themselves.

  1. Why do I have the feeling that I need or would benefit from working with a coach?
  2. Do I feel stuck or stalled in my life or career?
  3. What do I really want to accomplish?
  4. What kind of coach do I need—life, business or both?
  5. Do I want an approach customized for me?
  6. Am I coachable?
  7. Am I ready for accountability and action?
  8. What is my heart telling me to do?
  9. Am I ready for personal and business growth?
  10. What might I be afraid of, confused about or resisting?”

Frank White, Ph.D., is a keynote and motivational speaker with more than 40 years of experience in coaching, business and management consulting, and training. For more information or to schedule a free, 45-minute intro meeting, call 208-867-9596, email or visit See ad, back cover.

Mary Ann Hill

Mary Ann Hill

Feeling Good about Feeling Bad

“As humans, we think we want life to be comfortable and happy all of the time,” says certified life coach Mary Ann Hill. “Surprisingly it’s this very thought that creates more unhappiness in each of our lives and, by extension, in the world.”

Hill explains that when people think they should be happy all of the time, they set themselves up for disappointment—not only are they unhappy, but now they are unhappy that they are unhappy. “Since negative feelings are inevitable in life, learning to successfully process unpleasant emotions is vital,” says Hill. She teaches specific tools to confidently navigate negative emotions.

Research shows that working with a coach improves a person’s chances of success. In May 2016, Frontier in Psychology published research indicating that individual coaching “created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attaining their goals.” Coaching provided the support that individuals found difficult to create on their own, and “independently performing exercises without being supported by a coach [was] not sufficient for high goal attainment.”

Mary Ann Hill is Life Coach School-certified and works with a variety of clients. She has a passion for helping local and non-local LDS women whose husbands have left the church to feel more love, embrace self-confidence and create positive relationships. For more information, email or visit or

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