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Amazing Changes is a collaborative collection of independent business owners that are dedicated to serving Treasure Valley residents and the business community in the areas of personal growth, business growth and spiritual transformation. All Amazing Changes partners are experienced coaches with special focuses in the areas of teens and family, business and leadership, life coaching, spirituality, meditation, women’s empowerment, laughter wellness, life management, music therapy, special needs, transformation and much more.

Shontae Cone

Break Free from the Confines of your Mind
The human mind is an exceptional piece of hardware. From the moment an infant is born, they wield the power to interact with their environment and form thoughts and emotions based on what they experience. This process is ultimately interactive and with a powerhouse brain at the wheel, human beings have endless possibility in how they interpret their lives. “Yet, many individuals feel powerless,” shares Shontae Cone, founder of FightDis. “They live lives on autopilot, with a disconnect from themselves, those around them, and their world. Many become actors on the stage of life, with behaviors and reactions becoming premeditated, with the brain running the show on maximum autopilot.”

With such an extraordinary mind at each individual’s disposal, how is it that humans become depressed, apathetic, mentally unhealthy, and disconnected from their lives? “This process is reversible,” assures Cone. “What if you could re-learn who you were and take back control of your emotions, your thoughts, and your behaviors? Every human being has the tools needed to begin this journey.”

At FightDis the power of the individual is a mantra worth fighting for. FightDis offers workshops and groups for those interested in change. Specializing in disabilities and mental health, education, support and advocation are the tools in which FightDis attempts to revolutionize the way humankind understands themselves and the world. “There are no limitations, so break free from the confines of your mind and explore the limitless power of a happy-fueled you,” adds Cone.

Shontae Cone has been in the mental health and disability field for 11 years and currently works as a counseling intern and therapeutic consultant. In June of 2017, she acquired her master’s in clinical psychology and will obtain licensure as a licensed professional counselor in 2018. She is currently a doctoral student in Fielding Graduate University’s infant and early childhood development program. See ad, page XX.

Barbara Rose

Develop your Energetic Sense with a Spiritual Energy Practitioner
Spiritual energy healer Barbara Rose, owner of Sparks of the Divine in Boise, knows that many people are seeing a deeper connection to their life, but often don’t know where to begin. “Does life seem mundane and burdensome?  A spiritual energy professional can help you help yourself,” she says.

Spiritual exploration of life can be as simple as consciously breathing in the beauty of nature, really noticing the beauty of a gorgeous mountain lake. On a deeper, more spiritual level, all aspects of a moment in time are considered with a deep presence of mind, connecting to a subtle energetic feeling within.

In a guided spiritual energy practice, the “seen” is expanded through a deeper experience with the “unseen,” affirms Rose. A sixth, unseen energetic sense is developed through gentle guidance and support—practiced and heightened using various energy processes like Reiki. “A developed energetic sense allows guidance to come through energy cues, like subtle feelings in the body, loving internal messages, and an increased sense of just ‘knowing’ the answer to a dilemma,” she says. “An innate, increased connection to the inner self comes through a deeper awareness and experience of energetic flow and energetic frequency.”

The outcome of a spiritual energetic practice, explains Rose, is a greater sense of peace and equanimity, even amidst life’s struggles. “Loving energy brought through intention can help dissolve worry, fear, dysfunction and anger, potentially releasing that hold on spirit. An energy session can provide a feeling of begin refreshed, renewed and connected to all that life offers.”

Barbara Rose, spiritual energy healer, hypnotherapist, Reiki master, and Temple of Light minister, can be reached at, and See ad, page XX.

Steve Tanner

We Become What We Think
The Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.”

It turns out that neuroscientists are making fantastic new discoveries about how our brains work. And they are proving how true this statement is. New potentialities for physical, emotional and spiritual health now abound.

We understand now that our brains are ‘plastic.’ This means that our brains continue to change and grow new brain cells throughout most of our lifetimes. Our brains are not hard-wired by early adulthood as previously believed; hence the name, ‘neuroplasticity.’

The exciting news is that our brains create new synaptic connections in response to new experiences as well as to focused and repeated thoughts. That is, our brains are physically changed by our thoughts! Our brains create/reinforce neural pathways to make frequently used thoughts easier to access in the future. Consequently, we are not destined to repeat old behavior patterns nor to slavishly follow negative self-perceptions and beliefs. Through focused and repeated thinking, reactive, fear-based, negative self-beliefs can be replaced by new, more positive beliefs based on expanded thinking.

Now think about this: neuroscientists have seen how meditation practice stimulates the brain. This suggests that regular meditation can have the neural impacts just described and provide the deep concentration needed to override negative self-beliefs and replace them with positive, self-nurturing ones. It’s exciting to understand how we can be more in charge of our own destinies.

Steve Tanner, MDiv, CTA CC, is a certified life coach partnering with Amazing Changes Transformation Center. His special interests are blending meditation and writing for finding healing and transformation. For information about workshops and coaching, contact or visit See ad, page XX.

Marshall Townsend

Make Growth Your New Favorite
Marshall Townsend II is an Independent Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and the President of MT2 Leadership. He has over 40 years of experience in coaching, teaching and growing leaders nationally and internationally.

Townsend provides one-to-one coaching for businesses and personal development. He conducts exclusive, growth development workshops as a licensed John Maxwell Team Executive Director. He runs four-week, eight-week, and 10-week Mastermind workshops based on John Maxwell’s books and training programs. He also provides online classes and live classes over Zoom. For those in sales, his highly acclaimed 20-Day Sales Challenge will jump start your ability bring value to others and build revenue generating habits that build long-term success.

Townsend also runs the Treasure Valley Maxwell Speakers Club where he focuses on building techniques and world-class level skills for public speaking. He also has his primer six-month Empowerment Mentorship workshop available during limited times of the year.

Become an MT2-Insider by calling 208-724-9087 or by sending an e-mail to Classes and times are posted on

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